George Michopoulos was born in Amaliada.

1942: He starts studies in Photography and Painting with Sotiris Panagiotidis (painter - photographer), Valia Semertzidis (painter), Spyros Meletzis (photographer) as teachers.

1948: He opens his first photographic shop in Pirgos, Ilia - Peloponnisos.

1950: He enlists in the army and he is appointed head of the phototechnical department of his unit.

1952: He creates a lab of photography in the center of Athens, which is available only for professional artist photographers.

1970 -1972: He takes part in international competitions in Yugoslavia, Taiwan, Belgium, Argentina, Poland, Denmark, France and he is awarded with different titles.

1971: He establishes a studio of photography at Skoufa Street in Kolonaki and he contacts the public stopping the work with the photographers of Athens and province.

1972: He takes part in Avignon Festival (France). As part of the festival an exhibition of photography is organised in honour of the 150 years of invention of the photographic art. He is selected and participates in Grand Prix. His work is exposed in the Museum of Calvet in Avignon until today.

1976: He is awarded with the golden medal of ΕΦΕ (Greek Photography Association), and many other titles in the category of portrait photography as well.

1977: He is called to join, as a member of the critical committee with the Director of the National Gallery Mr. Dimitris Papastamou as a president, in the national competition, which is organized by ΕΦΕ as part of the festivities for its 25 years of establishment.

1978-1981: Many of his photographs are published in the daily and periodical press. Moreover, many of them illustrate the magazine "ΦΩΤΟΓΡΑΦΟΣ" (Photographer) which is an organ of the union of artistic photographers of Athens.

1984: He is declared as a member of the National Geographic Society.

1985: He is called to participate in the critical committee of the competition, which is organised by the artistic photographers of Piraeus with the aid of the Municipality of Piraeus.

1985: He is recommended by the Museum of Modern Art of New York and takes part with two pieces of art in the book which is published with the aid of the museum itself and in which the work of the top 100 photographers of all times is presented.

1985: He is asked by the Director of the National Center of Photography of New York Mr. Cornelius Kappa to teach his new technique in university faculties of the USA.

1986-Today: He searches (self sponsored) and finally he finds the application of the method of the "prismatic analysis of light" in static photography and motion picture (Video and Cinema) after the encouragement of the director Th. Aggelopoulos and Mr. M. Zaharias.
A theory dated back in the middle of the 16th Century, which is not mentioned in the last 450 years.
Today the 35-years old dream is reality.

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