Many things were said and written for the artist George Michopoulos, so many which if someone tries to commemorate them the present space will not be adequate. As we want to give you a taste of them we mention the comments below starting from the anonymous admirer who probably represents many of us:

Anonymous: "Your work is a cool shower in a coloured dream. Your work is a coloured shower in a cool dream."

Yiannis Ritsos: "The Artist Michopoulos gave voice to silenced colors and promoted invisible mystic sparks of poetry."

PhotoGraphic (American magazine / "Issue November 1985" P.O. BOX 3414 Los Angeles, California 90078): Extensive article about George Michopoulos's new technique it

The Nobel Laureate (1979) Greek poet Odysseas Elytis hymns the artist George Michopoulos and the pictures that someone calls to mind facing his photographs with lines from "Axion Esti" it

Eleni Vakalo: "Photography can reveal many things, the fact that the technique can be the language of the art is proved in your work."

Nitsa Fratziskaki: "The beauty of nature, the wisdom and the experience of the technique and the inherent artistic attitude had a result that competes painting."

Chr. Oikonomou ERT (Greek Television & Radio Network): "Its something different!..."

S. Panagiotidis: "The art needs daring and Mr. Michopoulos does have it."

Yannis Phillis (USA): "The impressionism of these photographs covers the poetic image of the Greek landscape. Some of theme are breathtaking and all have a unique artistic expression. Work of a true artist.

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